Sunday, January 15, 2012

French Sugar Upcycled Linen Dress - $62.00

Mocha embellished Linen Dress!
I love and adore "anything" Linen. To me it's one of the finest quality fabric on the planet. So, it's very hard for me to pass up anything that's made of Linen. This dress is a prime example. It started out as just a simple linen long jumper. I was fortunate to fnd a chiffon blouse as the same color as the dress. So I basically removed the sleeves, ruffles and all the beautiful lace from the blouse and applied them to the dress.  The hardest part was the arrangement on the dress, it took me days to get the look I liked. I'm very pleased with the outcome. 

Lots of Lace!

and ruffles galore!

Cute shoes!

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