Saturday, December 31, 2011

Precious Ruffle Dress - $135.00

Precious Ruffle's!

This precious ruffle dress began with the shear top that was just begging to be re-invented. I had a vintage half-slip which I attached to the botom of the top. Then I went wild with ruffles - some vintage, some taken from other garments. My favorite part is the french lace recovered from an old wedding dress.  Beginning in the center, it rambles up the top towards the shoulder and down the back - how beautiful!

more ruffles..............

Taking time off.....

My wonderful and talented daughter created this blog for me in September and it's beautiful - like her!

Unfortunately, it's just been sitting out there in space. This past November, I had emergency back surgery. My recovery has been slow so all my incentives to creat "altered couture" or "upcycled" clothing came to an abrupt end.  However, this time-off has offered me the opportunity to now work on my beautiful blog and I'm really enjoying it. 

So, if you happen upon my blog, please take the opportunity to look at a few of my garments and leave some feedback - I would love to hear from you!  Enjoy!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Upcycled Parisian Bohemian Gypsy Skirt - $89.00

This gorgeous "upcycled" Gypsy Bohemian Skirt was one of the first I made. It's the top-half of a jean-skirt with a gorgeous skirt attached. The flower detail is a vintage crocheted piece. Love it.

Bohemian Gypsy Skirt

It's the Gypsy in me!

Beautiful Gypsy!

Upcycled Parisian Rose Black Shoes - SOLD

Parisian Rose Shoes
In the same issue of the Fall/Winter issue of "Altered Couture" Magazine - my beautiful upcycled shoes were featured.  Alas - they sold but you can find more pairs of "upcycled" shoes at my Etsy Shop!  Enjoy!

Fall Winter "Altered Couture" Magazine - featuring my Embellished Military Jacket

This Upcycled "Military" Jacket was featured in the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Altered Couture. They did a wonderful job with the layout and editorial. Thank you Beth!  You're a wonderful Editor. This garment is available on my Etsy store!

Upcycled Dress for Spring 2012 - $69.00

This adorable black and white cotton top has been upcycled into a dress by adding white cotton eyelet to the bottom.  I also added a vintage piece of lace to the top and a cute vintage doiley to the pocket!  Perfect for Spring!  You can find this garment at my Etsy shop!

French Sugar "Upcycled" Slip Dress - SOLD

This gorgeous dress was featured in "Altered Couture" Magazine.
However, when the dress was returned - I just wasn't happy with how it looked. So I completely "revamped" it again!
Now - I love it - it's just perfect!

Blue Heaven "Upcycled" Dress - SOLD

This gorgeous dress was a labor of love.  I call it "Blue Heaven"!
It all started with finding this skirt. It had so much beautiful vintage looking lace on it - I just couldn't resist. I attached the skirt to a vintage slip. Then, layer upon layer, I placed bits and pieces of vintage lace to the top and back area.
I was so excited when the new owner of this gorgeous garment agreed to having it photographed for the next issue of "Altered Couture" Magazine. We're both so excited!

Upcycled Vintage Hat - $42.00

How about "upcycling" a vintage hat!

I found this little vintage 1960's red straw beret at a thrift store and as cute as it was - I wanted to add a little somethin' to it.  So I took scraps of fabric and made this gorgeous rose and pinned it to the hat.  Gorgeous!!!!

Upcycled Shoes - SOLD!

As featured in "Altered Couture" Magazine. To upcycle shoes - you just need a few gorgeous appliques, rhinestone's and a glue gun!

After this pair sold, I was hooked - so check out my etsy site for more "upcycled" shoes!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Upcycled Crocheted Top now available - $86.00

Featured on the Front Cover of "Altered Couture" Magazine

My lovely "Upcycled" crocheted top was featured on the front cover of "Altered Couture" Magazine. What a thrill!This beautiful garment is available at my Etsy store: French Sugar Couture for $86.00.