Wednesday, June 6, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Upcycled SHOES!!!!!

Brown canvas espadrille's with vintage lace

I've been accumalating these shoes for month's now. So when I found these lovely brown espadrille's, I knew it was time to get out the old "glue-gun" and start decorating!  So I grabbed my box of vintage lace, bought some new ribbon and had-at-it!  All is now posted on Etsy. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Jean fabric espadrilles with vintage lace

white espadrilles with white cotton embellishment

brown espadrilles with ribbon embellishments

So cool black canvas cork espadrilles with black organza roses

Leopard fabric espadrilles with lots of ribbon

Jute espadrilles with "funky" and adorable rose appliques.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Crocheted and Tie-dyed Vest - $76.00

This is the last of the two crocheted tie-dyed vests - it was a blast!  Just posted it on Etsy. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Upcycled Romantic Floral Print and Cotton Lace Dress - $110.00

I really enjoyed creating this garment. And it's the last of this lovely floral print. I just adore this print and wish I had yards and yards of it. But long skirts only have so much yardage and I wanted to make the most of it. Creating three garments was great but this garment really made my day!  I just posted it on Etsy! Enjoy!

Monday, May 21, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Upcycled Vests

When my cat Samantha passed-away last Monday - I just dove into sewing and crocheting to keep my mind occupied and to stop crying. These are the results. I hope you enjoy them. I just posted them on Etsy.




Back to work after a few weeks off!

I'll be posting some new items that I just finished on my next post.
For the past few weeks I took off from the blog and sewing.  I've been nursing my very old Norwegian Forest Cat. My daughter and myself  had her for 13 of her 16 years on this planet. After many trips to the vet - it was obvious that she wasn't going to make it. Like my Vet said - there is no cure for "old age"!  It's so quiet in the house now that I find I leave on any vehicle of noise to fill the void. She'll be forever in my heart and soul. I'm not much of a "animal" person and have been all my life and I really don't know why. We had a dog growning up but I really didn't feel connected to her.  But this fuzzy cat just took my heart and ran away with it. She gave me so much pleasure and made me laugh all the time. As she rapidly grew older, she actually by-passed me in age and I would tell people- "we're just two old-ladies hanging-out"!
I miss you so much it hurts, Samantha!

I'll see you in heaven!

Friday, April 27, 2012

French Sugar Parisian NEW Upcycled Tank-Tops - $48.00 each

Just finished posting these new tank-tops on Etsy!
I've been so busy just haven't had the time to post them here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

French Sugar Couture Vintage Hats

I was so fortunate to come across a group of vintage hats all in wonderful condition. Ranging from the 1930's thru the 1980's - what a find!  I've listed them all on Etsy. Enjoy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Tattered-Chic Tank-Top - "Sunflower" - $48.00


Kind of "Country"

So cute!
This is another of my latest project!  I have them lined-up on an assembly line - NO really!  But I thought this one particularlly turned out so cute espectially with the vintage off-white eyelet lace. Just posted this on Etsy. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Upcycled Tank-top "Art Nouveau Lady" - $48.00

Just love this print. Again, I used the stretchy black nylon lace and it really did work perfectly. I'm really enjoying working with these tops and changing them from t-shirts into something a little bit more dressy! Just posted this on Etsy. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Upcycled Tattered Chic Tank-Top - "Vintage Rose" - $52.00

Vintage Rose

To me, this tank just kind of takes your breath away. The colors and the design are just stunning. So with this garment I used a different lace. This fabric is not t-shirt quality. It's a cool to the touch probably nylon or poly blend that has a stretch quality to it.
So I used a black nylon stretchy lace which really suits it. When you see the detail on the back of the garment, it's even more desirable. The back print is in tones of peach and green and are of flowers and musical instruments. Just gorgeous. I just posted this on Etsy. Enjoy!

Monday, April 9, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Tattered-Chic Tank-Top - "Times Square" - $48.00

"Times Square"
Here's another tank I worked on over the weekend. I adore anything in black and white - so this one was exciting to work on. I wanted to put a flounce on it instead of going with black lace. So I went thru my stach of skirts and found this stunning black, white and gray chiffon skirt with tons of ready-made ruffles. I think the combination makes for an intereting look and I really love the out-come. Just posted this sweetie on Etsy. Enjoy!

Black and White

French Sugar Parisian Tattered-chic Tank-top - "Hummingbird" - SOLD

Well - I've really enjoyed making these tops. I guess it's because each one is "unique" in it's own way. None two are alike and they all kind of call attention to themselves in there own special way.  This one is "Hunningbird". And it has a lot of beautiful beading on it. The hummngbird is trimmed out in pale green beads. SOLD

Thursday, April 5, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Upcycled Tank-top "Wildwest"- $48.00


Beautiful Colors

Rustic Ruffles
I must confess, I'm not much on country items but I couldn't help falling "in-love" with this top and it's because of the beautiful colors. Since it is country, I didn't want to add lace but instead I found a mini-skirt with tons of ruffles in just the right color. When I took it apart I had just enough fabric to make the flounce for the bottom portion. I just love it and I've posted it on Etsy. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Upcycled Top - $48.00

I love this top but I wanted to make it look different and have a difference feel to it. So I changed the shape of the bottom with a circle cut and then added a beautiful long, crinkled shear nylon flounce to it. It was the perfect color and it really made the whole top stand out. Just posted on Etsy. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Upcycled Long White Summer Dress

This is my current project I'm working. It's not quite finished but I'm really loving it so far. I'll post it after the final results and then it will be put on Etsy!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Upcycled Tank-Top - $48.00

Primrose Top

I love the soft and lovely colors of this tank so it was so very easy to see how this would end up as this beutiful garment. Once a t-shirt - now a tank with soft taupe colored cotton lace at the bottom. I took the left-over fabric and cut one-inch strips, ruffled them and put them on the shoulder-straps. Lovely! You can find this adorable top at my Etsy shop. Enjoy!

Monday, March 26, 2012

French Sugar presents: 1960's MOD Oscar De La Renta Two-piece Coat and Dress - $165.00

1960's Oscar De La Renta

Button down the back dress!

Imagine my surprise when I found out this was a "Oscar De La Renta"!
I was first attracted to it for the bright and vibrant colors and then I realized it was linen - which is my most favorite fabric. But when I saw the label, I think I stopped breathing for a minute or two!
Growing up in the 60's, I immeadiately knew when this dress was made - it had all the classic details of that time period!  OH, what a find and I hope you enjoy viewing it and if you're lucky, to maybe own it. I just posted it up on my Etsy Shop!
Bright colors!