Sunday, January 29, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Dreamy Knit Upcycled Dress - $79.00

Italian Knit Sweater Dress
I was fortunate to find this lovely Italian knit top that was very, very long. It was in beautiful condition and because it was so long, I decided to make it into a dress. I had the perfect vintage slip for it and even made sure the bottom of the slip was exposed since it had such beautiful lace on it. Just by adding a full panel of lace to the bottom, it really turned out so perfect. I added a few pieces of French lace to the top. The crocheted pieces with the long strands actually were on the sweater when I purchased it.  I was very, very pleased how this project came together and the end result. If interested, you can purchase the beautiful garment at my Etsy shop!

Lovely French Lace

Crocheted Flower

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