Saturday, January 14, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Altered Couture Leather Purse - $65.00

Pistachio Green Leather Purse
Well, I have to tell you, for me, this was a "no-brainer"! I saw this pistachio green leather vest jacket hanging on the rack - and I imagined this purse!  This doesn't happen a lot - but when it does, I will never doubt my purchase. I know exactly what it will be and that's a nice feeling!

This was once a Vest Jacket!

The real fur top was the collar. The front "gathered" section was the pocket and the zipper portion was from the front of the jacket. Nothing went to waste in this project AND I have enough to make another purse.  The lining is just as gorgeous as the outside.

My favorite two colors - Pink and Green!
This can be yours for $65.00!

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