Monday, February 20, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Upcycled Reversible Beret and Matching Purses - $48.00

Pinks and Browns

Here are the first three sets of Upcycled Reversible Beret's and matching Purses. I have to say these were a blast to make. I love mixing and matching fabrics and embellishments. Considering there's a huge volume of T-shirts out there with a lot of variety of colors and prints - you just can't go wrong. I was able to make all the flowers and braided straps for the hats and purses which makes them even more personalized.
But don't hesitate to look for items that are already made that can be used!
I just posted these on my Etsy site if your intersted. Enjoy!
Reversible Beret!

Flowered print!

Cute Purse!

Parisian ScenicScene!


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