Sunday, March 18, 2012

French Sugar Parisian Upcycled Crocheted Dress - $135.00

Upcycled Crochet Dress

Crochet Ribbon

The last time I crocheted anything was back in the 70's! But you know, it's like riding a bicycle - it all comes back to you!  LOL!  Evenutally!!!!
Layers of Crochet
This all started with this simple beautiful crocheted white top. I wanted to make it into an ensemble over a vintage slip AND to be able to wear it by itself. So I added crocheted strips of ribbon fringe on the bottom and then crocheted small little flower disks.
In regards to the vintage slip. I chose a pale peach color that looks wonderful under white - very flesh-tone so it gives an elusion. I crocheted a six inch portion to match the same pattern as the top and attached it by hand to the bottom of the slip. The middle portion was actually resqued from a linen skirt. I took that an attached it to the vintage slip. Then on the bottom of the slip I attached a vintage pleated nylon lace from another vintage slip.  I love the over-all look. Had some left-over fabric from the trim and made it into a small rose and put a pin-enclosure on the back.
In regards to the top being worn by itself, say over a pair of blue-jeans, I crocheed a large white flower, as shown in the last picture.  I really did have a lot of fun with this garment even though it was very time-consuming - got to watch a lot of TV!
Currently this garment is on it's way to "Altered Couture" Magazine for a photo-shoot for one of their up-coming issues. If interested in this garment, I can have it back here to ship-out in three weeks.
Just By Itself!

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